1. Bravolab develops achievable solutions in partnership with  clients to ensure that all facets of the process are fully optimized. When this happens, risk is minimized and profits maximized.

    2. Bravolab believes that imparting knowledge, continuing education, and, enabling skills is critical to a company’s growth.   When this happens followers become leaders and innovation begins.

    3. The solutions created by bravolab are based on 30 years of learning the balance between art and science that is composites.

    4. Graham Wheeler Video.

Material design. Laminate engineering & production optimization. Infusion training school.


Many thanks for the time you spent with my students. “Mind of an engineer, hand of a builder” was a great presentation and very much to the point for our program. You were able to address many of the materials and processes that we have been exploring from the  different and engaging perspective of a sailor, builder and materials and process consultant.

As they say, “The devil’s in the details” and I’m grateful that you were able to go into considerable detail when discussing aspects of composite construction like fiber placement and infusion.




Henry Elliot


Composite Technology Program

IYRS School of Technology & Trades