Projects: 2011 - 2012

Developing a new generation of multi application, infusion grade reinforcements for close molding including vacuum infusion, Lite RTM, RTM, Compression                                     molding. USA.

Investigation of failed composite road panels made with vacuumed bagged E-Glass laminate over core..Canada.

Design & development of an infusion grade Carbon fiber unidirectional. UK.

Construction of carbon/epoxy/foam (infused) 50ft racing trimaran for personal use.

Process evaluation for carbon-epoxy infusion - 60ft sailing catamaran. US/China.

Laminate design for 47 foot Trawler Yacht. UK/Norway.

Viability study of innovative fiber start-up company for potential

investor. USA.

Carbon Infusion School College of the Abemarle, Wanchese, NC

Software development for laminate design and material optimization. USA.

Companies rely on Bravolab for sound design, training, and process advice


ATR, Canada

Gunboat, US, China

Gunboat USA

L&L Products, USA

St. Gobain ADFORS, USA.

College of the Abemarle

Manteo, NC

Abundant Energy, USA

Formax UK

In-Ventures, NY

Gold Coast Yachts

Carbon Ocean Yachts

Bravolab provided carbon infusion training to ten new Gunboat employees. Each forty hour training session (two in total) was made possible by a grant from the College of the Abelmarle, Manteo, NC

Trade Soundings May 7, 2012.

Gunboat opened its new catamaran production facility last Friday in Wanchese, N.C.

The yard’s first project is the Nigel Irens-designed Gunboat 55.

“We are so grateful for the labor force here. The can-do attitude of this island area is unbeatable. We could have set up shop anywhere. We chose Wanchese. We will do our best to meet everyone’s expectations. We’re incredibly grateful for the warm welcome to the community, and the outpouring of support. This is a very special area,” Gunboat founder Peter Johnstone said in a statement.

Johnstone also cited the area’s long fishing and sportfish-producing history as a key element in the decision to relocate to the area.

North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue's office, the state Department of Commerce, the Boating Services office of the state's Small Business Technology Development Center and the North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center played an integral role in Gunboat’s relocation effort, finding suitable sites, securing key grants to refurbish state property and assisting at each step, the company said.

Gunboat said a number of contracts have been secured and 20 people are already employed, with plans for as many as 70 in the coming years.

Gunboat is the sister company of Gunboat International, which is based in Rhode Island.